GOP niet te verwarren met enige politieke beweging In Nederland noch daarbuiten

Product details
The English Diplomatic Passport can be ordered soon.
The English Diplomatic Passport can be viewed here.

The cover of the Diplomatic Passport is printed on thick glossy paper of 250 gr. Silk gloss, and the cover has a coating for reinforcement. The inside of the DPP is printed on thick glossy paper of 120 gr. Silk gloss.
The DPP isn’t stitched but glued: no staples are used. This is also for the strengthening and durability of your DPP. The size of the DPP is A6.

Order details
1. You can order the English Diplomatic Passport from Roelof Vdf Bontan at mail address: . Mention your name, address, and phone number, and the number of Diplomatic Passports you want: state clearly that it is the English Diplomatic Passport.

2. After receiving your order by email, Roelof will send you a Tikkie payment request.

3. Upon receipt of your payment, the number of Diplomatic Passports ordered will be shipped.

4. Roelof will email you a track and trace shipping code, allowing you to track the shipment.

Diplomatic Passport €12,95 incl. VAT excl. shipping costs.
Shipping costs depends on destination country and on weight.
Shipping via DHL.

Explanation Diplomatic Passport
You can apply for the Diplomatic Passport áfter you have sent your Inheritance Documents (hit translate in the right corner of the Menu for English): in your Diplomatic Passport you note your details as the Sole Heir and the track and trace dispatch codes of the documents sent.

On the ‘Diplomatic Passport‘ page you will find how to apply your DPP (hit translate in the upper right corner of the Menu: choose English).

On the aforementioned page you will find photo examples and instructions on how to fill in the Diplomatic Passport. Via the page ‘Instructional videos‘ you will find an instructional video on how to fill in the DPP: if you watch and use the instructional video, please also keep the photo examples and the instructions with you.

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