GOP niet te verwarren met enige politieke beweging In Nederland noch daarbuiten

You will not get your universal basic income unless you agree to ALL their rules
So don’t get fooled with their conditions!

Basic income needs to deepen, because the part ‘income’ has the connotation that you have to do something for it (invest your lifeforce energy): in people’s psyche it is stored as such. The unconditional has been hijacked / looted / confiscated. However basic income did not sit well from the start with the conceived assumption that basic income had to be paid from a pot of the ‘government’. In addition we now know that the temporary inheritance provision should be 4000.00 euros on a monthly basis until your Trust is fully settled.

1. The connotation of income assumes that you have something to do (invest your lifeforce energy) to earn this basic income.
2. This basic income is far from unconditional and makes 100% dependent on the rulers.
3. This basic income (sum of money digits) is 4 times too low: it should be 4 times higher and at least 4000.00 euros on a monthly basis.

So what happens with your Trust when the money system as we know it collaps?
The current money system is based in the principle of lack and slavery: this is indoctrinated in people’s mind. But money itself is not the root of this.

The truth is that there is more then enough money in the world and in our Trusts.

The worldwide transformation is about approaching the individual admiralty / birth Trusts but in new forms, new roles and scenarios to enable the individual afterbirth descendants, through the fiduciary bank, to approach the individual afterbirth Trust. Indeed, it is no longer permissible for the trustor (vatican) and the trustee (state) and their fiduciary (the banks) to violate Universal Human Rights by expropriation; discrimination; debt bondage; by registering ‘dead and lost at sea’ natural persons who have not died etc. etc.

The Trusts will remain, but new roles and scenarios will begin to be honored.

Liquid assets will be moved from the individual Trust to the fiduciary bank account of the sole survivor of his or her afterbirth, by the fiduciary bank. Universal Human Rights require a worldwide correction of the collateral Trust paradigm. Hence the SER Banking Covenant (i.e., of trustor and trustee fiduciaries) on Universal Human Rights, recently signed in October 2016.

Nederlandse tekst
“De wereldwijde transformatie gaat om het benaderen van de individuele admiraliteit- / geboorte Trusts maar dan in nieuwe gedaanten, nieuwe rollen en scenario’s om de individuele nabestaanden van de nageboorte, in staat te stellen via de fiduciary bank, de individuele nageboorte Trust te benaderen. Het is voor de trustor (vaticaan) en de trustee (staat) en hun fiduciary (de banken) namelijk niet langer toegestaan om de Universele Rechten van de Mens te schenden door onteigening; discriminatie; schuldslavernij; door het ‘dood en verloren op zee’ registreren van natuurlijke personen die niet overleden zijn etc. etc.

De Trusts zullen blijven, maar nieuwe rollen en scenario’s zullen gehonoreerd gaan worden.

Er zal liquide vermogen uit de individuele Trust naar de fiduciary bankaccount van de enige nabestaande van zijn of haar nageboorte, worden verplaatst door de fiduciary bank. De Universele Rechten van de Mens vereisen een wereldomvattende correctie van het collateral Trust paradigma. Vandaar het SER Bankenconvenant (dus van de fiduciaries van de trustor en de trustee) betreffende de Universele Rechten van de Mens, dat recentelijk in oktober 2016, is ondertekend.”


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